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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Vote For Them Is A Vote For Me (And Giant Stylised Penises).

You know how you're always wishing I'd ask you to do more stuff?

Well, my talented and worthy compadres in your next favourite band Sierra Fin are Wildcard Finalists in the Garage2V competition, which gives them a chance to play at V Festival.

It's fine. You don't have to know what that means. You just have to click here and throw a vote their way.

If you do that, the chances of the blokes in the band buying me beer increases pretty much tenfold.

And y'all know how I feel about beer, homies.



D said...

Done and done.

Are they being played on any radio stations yet?

Jo said...

Thanks, D! You are truly a person amongst people.
And yes - FBi now, later the world.

Fel said...

I suddenly remembered you'd given me the link to this page, written on a piece of paper. Being in my other bag, I don't have it with me, but I remembered some of the link, Googled...BANG! 1st cab off the rank!
Absolutely loving the Keith blogs! :)
You've stopped me from falling asleep at my desk.

(If you don't remember me, I met you at the gig on Sunday...short, short-haired brunette, young-looking with bad teeth)

Jo said...

But... but that can't be right. That sounds like I was whoring my 'blog to anyone who'd listen.


Fel said...

Well, an online blog really shouldn't be used for such purposes...that's true. If it makes you feel any better, I gathered that you were simply offering me the chance to view the Keith photos at my leisure. I'd hate to be rushed through them on the small LCD screen on your camera!

Anonymous said...

you two are so cute!

Anonymous said...

OK. I voted for them - now will you send me the nude photos of you?

angie.hubbard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jo said...

Anonymous - stroking my hair, singing 'My Heart Will Go On' falsetto and handing me a box of burnt roses and broken doll parts = marginally less creepy than asking me for a nude photo.

It's all relative, sweetie.