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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Australia's Next Top Westie Scrag - Thank You

Oh, hello. 
You may have come here in the hope of finding recaps for Series 9 of Australia's Next Top Model.
Alas, this blog will no longer host those, for two reasons:

The very, very big reason is that the marvellous Charlotte Dawson is no longer with us. She was a massive champion of these recaps and through this blog she contacted me and we became good friends.
We'd sit at her apartment (with wine always and Monopoly sometimes) and watch Top Model episodes, her playing the bits she found particularly hilarious over and over and over again, laughing her boisterous and endearing guffaw. 
Through and thanks to Charlotte, the recaps on this blog were given a very exciting amount of attention - she pretty much crammed them down the throat of anyone who admitted to watching the show, and solely from her influence I've been able to secure a lot of writing work.
She was so, so generous with her support of my writing, and making her laugh was an indescribable bonus. 
There's no way I could write Australia's Next Top Westie Scrag without her. 

The smaller reason is that I'll be writing shorter, less-sweary recaps of each show for I reckon she would've thought that was, in her words, "graysh".
And for those of you who, as a result, may accuse me of selling out: 

Thank you very, very much for reading my recaps in the past. You made being a little bit mean to truly beautiful people and the world's best TV show so much fun.