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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maverick 4: A New Hope

Not a peep from the school after the last email. It was time to consider the possibility that Maverick had been discovered and taken home by a student, member of staff, or errant caretaker with a penchant for moustaches and under-achieving silhouettes.
Put simply, it was time to crank the search up a notch.

First, I joined the school’s facebook group, and left a pleading message on their wall. I thought it wise to include the classic amnesty phrase “No questions asked”, to encourage people to come forward. My inclusion of the phrase was, in no uncertain terms, a complete lie. I have many, many questions.

Next, I made up some posters to put around the suburb in question, hoping that someone would see them, recognise Maverick from the picture, and send him home. The barkeep at the local pub even agreed to put one up behind the bar, although she didn’t look entirely happy about it.

Bring our baby home, Universe. Bring him home.



Femikneesm said...

Wow, I hardly miss Keith now that I have Maverick ;-)

nat said...

posters? I love it when people have too much time on their hands!

Felix for Zosia said...

Nice mention in the SMH! If Maverick can't be found after posters, emails and a plea in a statewide newspaper then I don't know what else is left. Maybe skywriting?