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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beautiful One Day, Rocking Sh*t Up The Next.

If any of the following sounds like you:

1. You have taste. You have style. You are badass. (I’m assuming you’re at least two out of three if you read me. Obviously);

2. You like men in waistcoats and sneakers;

3. You live in or near Newcastle, Coolangatta or Brisbane, or will be travelling there in the next two weeks on a tasteful, stylish, badass junket;

4. You’ll do stuff just because I tell you to;

Then you should get yourself to one of the following gigs to see Sierra Fin on the Northern leg of their ‘Meet & Greet’ tour:

May 7th Thursday
The Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
with Vaudeville & Like Alaska

May 8th Friday
The Coolangatta Hotel, Coolangatta
with The Gin Club, Villains of Wilhelm & Hungry Kids of Hungary

May 9th Saturday
The Old Museum, Brisbane
with Richard in Your Mind, Villains of Wilhelm, Skinny Jean, Mr Maps & Idle Cranes.

I promise you won't be sorry. Fit blokes. Soaring vocals. Unexpected twists and turns. Astounding mastery of a dazzling array of instruments. People hitting drums harder than ever before. Hair. Ukulele.

Tell ‘em Jo sent you.



shellity said...

Just want to clarify: are the men wearing anything except waistcoats and sneakers?

Jo said...