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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Where Are They Then?

I know.
I know.
I've been a bad, lazy, uninspired blogger.
But, like 80s fashion, New Orleans storms, and Les Hill's career, sometimes I just have a bit of a lull.
So here. Have some long-overdue Australia's Next Top Model bum-shots.
Starvation and low-level literacy never looked so good!

In this case, the word "bum" needs some inverted commas. That's not a torso, Alamela. That's just a wiggly line.

Reblacka told me that this is the fourth pose in her repertoire of four. I couldn't be more proud.

Black is so slimming, don't you think, Alyce?

Taken shortly after Leiden beat me in a beer-swilling competition. Arse? Yes. Class? You decide.

I bullied Demelza into this shot. Also, just because I'm contractually obliged to include it in this post, it doesn't mean I have to put it near the top.

A couple of arseholes.

I was going to dress as Caris for this photo, but I couldn't get the poodle to sit still.

This lady just wouldn't leave me alone until I'd agreed to be photographed with her.

And finally (although not technically a bum-shot), a reminder to Shiny Alex Perry that he should never leave his sunglasses lying around....


The West Darling Report said...

heehee brilliant. And there was I thinkin I was the only one who thought Ala-robot looked more like a bracket to your comma. Although it is nice seeing her cheesy grin. As long as you 'apologised' after the bullying, its all good, right?

shellity said...

There really is only one comment I can leave. You know what it is.

Jacques Chester said...

Alamela still looks utterly gracious, in her traditional not-from-this-world sort of way.

Did Caris cry?

Jo said...

west (darling): I think the punctuation you're looking for is 'colon'. Although in Alamela's case, it's more 'semi-colon'.

shellity: Oh, ARSE. Happy?

jacques: Caris didn't cry. Then again, I didn't mention treadmills, poodles or oxygen. PS: Caris is fifteen different types of awesome.

Anonymous said...

leidens pout cracks me up

Anonymous said...

someone is looking fierce in the background of your pic with demelza.

as usual, alice looks unbareable. i'm sorry you had to stand so close to her :(

and pardon my ignorance, but are you implying alex is an arsehole? i thought her and caris seemed the only two tolerable 'top models' this season.

ps) did her top lip really look like it was eating itself???

Jo said...

I would NEVER imply that Alex is an arsehole. Anyone who says I did has eyes.