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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And It's 'BMX Bandits', By A Nose.

Australia just won a gold medal in men's sailing at the Olympics.
The winning team has, apparently, always made a habit of naming their boats after Nicole Kidman movies.
The boat that won them the medal was named after the upcoming movie 'Australia'.

That was fucking lucky, wasn't it?



kiki said...

i would have preferred 'dead calm' or 'the golden compass' or 'winners'

but hey, you know. 'windrider' would have been pretty sweet

maybe they can name their next boat after her (rather than her movies)?


Anonymous said...

great post - lol - ur right, fuckin' lucky!!!

not sure how to take above comment tho.... are we being funny or do we hate nicole kidman...? i kinda like her....

kiki said...

not sure about the above comment on whether or not the person is retarded

Mars said...

well what is it keeks, are we being funny..?