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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Karl Stefanovic: He Is An Journalist.

Karl Stefanovic, for those who are unfamiliar, is a co-host of Today, a morning program that delivers news, sport, weather and hyperbole. He comes from a large family of news-men, his parents seemingly scattering their deep-voiced, hair-challenged spawn liberally around the globe.

Every now and then, Karl will deliver a journalistic pearl so full of insight, intelligence and sophistication that its resonant ripples stay with me all day, affecting my world view and critical stance at the deepest level.

This morning's example:

"Ooooooh. How good are beef burritos?"



nat said...

I always thought Channel 9 did an extraordinary job hiding all those wires and circuitry boards. He is a Robot, right?

Jo said...

Or 11010101101, as the kids say.

Jebus said...

He's no Metal Mickey though...

kiki said...

actually Jo
in plain Binary a simple 'I' would suffice in suggesting 'affirmative'
what you quote was a number that equals 1709

'0' for NO

Anonymous said...

i think karl is a tosser. but i can't help watching

Kiki said...

omg theres a blog here about karl and i haven't read it??? something is wrong with this picture. i love karl. remember his totes amazing skating in 'celebrities dancing with stars skating on ice'?

he is kind of a God.



i dont like it.

Jo said...

Kiki, I assure you that you and Kiki are completely different.

But... but now I'm kind of distracted by the phrase "I've got a pair of kikis".


Cactus Kate said...

We had Karl in NZ for a while. He was the height of intellectualism on the noooows.

He was just so darn good that we decided to give him back.