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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Is It Just Me, Or... #2

...should the whole boy-band thing have finished like, seven years ago, at the same time it became irrelevant and tedious?


Jessica said...

No, definitely not just you; although I think I can spot where you're frustrations stem
from. You mentioned "same time it became irrelevant and tedious". You possibly need to acknowledge that it was both irrelevant and tedious even prior to the first release. A little like Deni Hines, although not as annoying.

Anonymous said...

Attention apostrophe Nazi :

Mea Culpa.


sketchmonkey said...

ummmmmm, in defence of one boyband, aka my new bessies westlife, yes. there is relevance. they've tried their little bottoms off to make a difference to the boyband kullllcha in this country, and couldn't. then i came along. and gave them a number one album for a couple of weeks, and now their highest selling album in australia, which is sitting at platinum. and in return i got a damn fine bottle of cristal from them which i plan to be a greedy bugger and drink all by myself!
chin chin!
ps. no offence to any other boy band hater out there. i only love them. heheheh