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Monday, January 31, 2011

Every Day For A Year #13

(If the concept of this is a little hazy, tiptoe back through the archives here for some good ol’ fashioned penny-dropping. If you totally get the concept but feel like an animal-themed distraction, that’ll be that one here. But come back. I’m nothing if not needy.)

So we’re up to the baker’s dozen of Frosty photo posts!
That expression always bewildered me. It always made me assume that bakers were stupid, or over-achievers, or wasteful, or had bad business sense. Unless they’re referring to Tom Baker and the Tardis in some way, which is still confusing, because I still have no idea what a Time Lord has to do with delicious crusty rolls. And now I want a delicious crusty roll.

What? Oh, right.

Q: What do Frosty and those Easter Island statues have in common?

A: Quiet dignity and rock.*

One of the tops-est things about a lot of these shots is, I reckon, their quietness.
Is that just me? Because things have been just me before, like my attraction to blokes with one wonky eye and my singular interpretation of the Wombles theme song. See, because I thought they just had self-esteem problems, and regarded themselves as ‘common’, not realising that Wimbledon Common was a...
What? Oh, Right.


*And also some of the shadowing in that last one. Seriously. Check it.

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