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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Every Day For A Year #12

(If it's your first time here, you can catch up on all the previous rectangles and their associated premise here. If it's not your first time here, then you've earned yourself some breakdancing here. If the stage names don't get you, the spandex surely will).

So, it's been about eight months so far. Frosty's been pointing and shooting his little heart out, capturing his surroundings every twenty-four for your viewing pleasure, but have we really learned anything?
What do we know about Frosty?

We know he likes textures, angles and shadows.
We know he likes buildings, cities and architecture.
We know he likes music.
We know he went overseas.
We know he's not averse to jumping into the air, inviting us into bathrooms and occasionally getting his kit off, all for the sake of a self-portrait.
We know he really likes eating meat.  Although that's probably just me and a couple of his other friends who actually know that. Seriously though, dude can scarf down a steak like a constrictor around a capybara.

And we know he's damn good at this shit.

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Anonymous said...

Love #12 a lot of repetition which i'm really enjoying. Have to say the self portraits are my favourite. Great work.