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Friday, November 16, 2007

Bum Shot #8: Australian Idol 2007

My job means that Idols come to my place of work to eat sausages and turn their buttocks towards the lens. Just lucky, I guess.
Carl Risely.

Chicks n'that. Lana Krost, Natalie Gauci, Tarisai Vushe. Totally not fake.

Mark Da Costa. No sun. Sunglasses. Because we rawk.

Matt Corby. Pretty eyes. Pretty arse. Then there's him.


davey said...

Awesome. They've invented leggings for dudes.

gigglewick said...

I'm with Davey.

What is he wearing?

As a recent visitor to the country Jo, did you let him know that he got it wrong? Or would that have been rude?

Anonymous said...

youre fairly unattractive for a chick