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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

..And They Went Two By Two, Into The Snark

Remember how, at high school, there was always a cool bunch of kids who used to hang out near the weather-sheds, smoking, pashing, swearing, and being cutting-edge?

Ever wonder where they are now?

They're in office cubicles, wearing beige, wishing they'd listened in class.

The kids who did listen in class, albeit whilst scrawling irreverent doodles in the margins and planning their next rebellious haircut, are here: Snarkeology.

We're here. We're sneer. Get used to it.

1 comment:

nick cetacean said...


Of course I do work in a cubicle and never wear beige but to wear a navy suit. But damnit I'm punk rock anyway.

I just love saying punk rock at the moment.

Everything is so punk rock right now. Except this comment.

I reckon you orta be good for a few random comments...

'We're here. We're sneer. Get used to it.' Is very good and should manybe become (another) tag...