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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Talking To YOU, Mr Downer.

When I was in high school, I think whoever did the hiring of teachers might have been taking the piss a smidge.
One of the Home Science teachers was Mrs Tucker.
One of the Industrial Arts teachers was Mr Welden.
One of the Music teachers was Miss Organ (although granted, she could have successfully moonlighted as the Sex Education co-ordinator).

I told my old mate Lucy about this, and she said "Wow. Imagine if you were a prostitute and your surname was 'Fuxfafree'. You'd be pissed off, huh".

Anyway, I think I'll change my name to the more Mediterranean-sounding 'Jo Musicintelly".


nick cetacean said...

Musicintelly? Christ, I wish I got that.

Some damn funny posts below though... especially the google post...

Jo said...

Nick - Unfortunately I'm partially responsible for some of the music-based rubbish you see each year on television.
On the upside, I like sausages!

missy vas said...

You know, I had a home economic teacher called 'Miss Pepper' and a PE teacher called 'Miss Ball'.
Do you think its a coincidence or they decide on the job based on their name?? Dunno....

Vita Stayathomemum

redcap said...

We had a teacher called Wayne Kerr. Kidyernot.