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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Celebrity Limerick #1

There was a young lady named Spears,
Who feared folk couldn't quite see her ears;
So she hacked at her hair
Until none was left there;
Now her children are left with her dumb skank ex-husband.


adventure boy said...

Hilarious Jo! You really have a way with words!

shellity said...

I'm speechless. It's a nice change, innit?

redcap said...

Mahaha hahahahaha!

There once was a dick called K-Fed
Who was truly fucked in the head
Cause he shacked up with Brit
Thinking he could get a bit
Of her fame but he was lousy in the sack and she dumped his ass.

Jo said...

Goddamn, I love a counter-limerick.

Phil said...

Nice one Jo!

nick cetacean said...

There was a young blogger named Nick
Who arrived late on the scene for this trick
having seen the counter-limerick idea taken
he found himself quite shaken
and decided that he too would not bother with rhyming the last line and just go whereever poetic licence took him or you know just keep typing until he trailed off

TimT said...

I did one on Victoria Beckham once called 'Stick Woman'. Can only remember the first and last verses:

Stick woman, stick woman,
What do you eat?

One wafer thin biscuit,
Two times a week.

Stick woman, stick woman,
How do you breed?

It comes out of the gob
Wot I use to feed.