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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Inside Seam, And How I Sometimes Forget To Be Up Myself.

I can't believe I haven't properly plugged this here yet, what with my penchant for self-promotion tantamount to listening to an opera singer warming up (me me me me me), but check it out!

While we're waiting for Australia's Next Top Westie Scrag to grace our hungry screens, I've been scribbling and voicing episode recap clip show thingies for Project Runway.

Like, they ASKED me to. Because they WANTED me to. So if you'll excuse me, I have to call a couple of high school teachers who told me I'd never get anywhere by being a sarcastic bitch.

It's the best fun a girl could have with her clothes on without martinis or cheese! I write it and put the time codes and stuff on a piece of paper, record a voice-over, and then hand it all to a clever bloke who actually knows what every single button on his computer keyboard does. Even that squiggle thing. I know. It's amazing.

Right. I think I've made up for forgetting to blow my own trumpet now. As you were.

New episodes up every week. Yay.


shellity said...

Could you please tone down the awesome a little bit? I'm trying to work.

kiloran said...

I am an avid reader of your blog and devoted watcher of Project Runway in all its manifestations and I came across the video recaps by chance and within a minute could tell it was you narrating. Which is rather nice because from now on, when I read you blog entries, it will be with your voice in my head (and no, I normally don't hear disembodied voices, you know what I mean)!

Jo said...

Kiloran, that makes me a very happy camper. And by 'happy', I mean 'egotistical'. And by 'camper', I mean 'egotistical'. TA!

losfp said...

God. Damn. It. Not another show I have to watch just so I can pair it up with your bitey bitey recaps.

Nice work Jo. You hashing out details for that movie deal yet?

Anonymous said...

You've just given me a reason to watch this show. Bitch

Jo said...

losfp: No movie deal. Working on a couple of free burgers, though. Will keep you posted.

Anonymous: Correct. And correct.

kiloran said...

Not only that you now blog both Australian Project Runway and Next Top Model AND Alex Perry is in both of them AND Megan Gale is/was in both of them but now Megan starts referencing Top Model. "I can't recall the last time I heard maroon being the hot color of the season." Ahm, circa Brittney in the Levi's jeans challenge in Cycle 6? That's when, Megan!