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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Keeping Me Up At Night #3

How come there's so few female jockeys?
Like, is it a boob thing?


shellity said...

What is it with you and boobs? At least I know I'm not the only one who is kept up at night by boobs. You do pose an interesting question, however. Not one that I think I can spend a lot of time on, but interesting just the same.
Oh, and you might want to change "there's" to "there're" before your mother notices...

Anonymous said...

Because if women have to be rediculously thin to be successful in their job, it causes international uproars *cough, cough* Mailand *cough*...;)

Also, there are female jockeys, sometimes called jockettes...Julie Krone or Anna Lee Aldred, for example.

:) Liz

Melly` said...

There has been wonderful female jockeys. The rotten thing is the racing industry is a bit MALE orientated and dont often give the girls THAT KIND of go. And - you need a killer "win" attitude. It's a tough world for women.

And TRUST me - that so isnt the world you want for your daughters.

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that jockeys are tiny i think that they still need to be pretty strong to control those beasts. Man muscle stronger than Lady muscle.

A related but perhaps more difficult to answer question is: Why aren't there any female F1 drivers?