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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Keeping Me Up At Night #2

Okay, so it's a "school of piranha".
If there's only one fish, is it a "piranhum"?


redcap said...

I think if there's only one fish, that means it's one mean motherfucker because it's eaten all the rest of its school. In that case, I think it should be "Ms Piranhum".

Jo said...

Is that why there's only one Lady Smurf? Did she eat all the others?

shellity said...

I'm not certain, but I think the singular might be "piranhus". Not many people are aware of the pilot episode of a children's program on the ABC called 'Piranhus in Pyjamas'. It didn't do well at all, until some clever sausage said, "I know! Let's make two of them and turn them into fruit..."

Jo said...

I think I might have seen the pilot episode, in which one of the presenters said "And in craft time today, kiddies, we're going to skeletonise a cow."