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Monday, July 16, 2012

Yet I Still Don't Know How To Say 'Meme' Out Loud

By now, whether or not you know how to pronounce it ('meem' to rhyme with 'team'? 'Mee-mee' to rhyme with 'seamy'? 'Mem' to rhyme with 'them'? 'Morange'?), you should know what a meme is.

If you don't, then here's a hint, and Mum I think it's adorable that you still read my blog.

Either way, I have never been quite so enchanted in my life as I am with the ERMAHGERD meme. Because I'm all highbrow and university-graduatey and shit.

I was first made aware of it with this piece of pop-cultural magnificence:

Which quickly and firmly found its way into my heart and made me laugh until I farted just a tiny, tiny bit.

Quite soon, I became aware of other variations, most notably those of animals becoming quite excited about an impending meal or plaything or whatnot, thusly:

See, right, because bunnies like carrots.

Not wanting to miss out/badly wanting to fundamentally misunderstand the premise of this meme, I took it upon myself to make a few of my own.

This whole time I was just leading up to my own shit.
What, are you new here?


shellity said...

Ermahgerd. Jer Blerrged.

lispyloo said...

Ermahgerd. Lervveeee.