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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Every Day For A Year #6

(You seem pretty smart. You've probably figured out what all this is about, so you don't need to click here to catch up. You're welcome). 

Hey, did you know that on some planets, they don't even speak English?
I know!
I'd probably die on those planets, and not just because of the thin atmosphere and the sulphur rain and stuff - it's just that I really, really like words, and so far I've only mastered one language.

Frosty, on the other hand, would be able to order beers and get his electricity connected and all kinds of other cool stuff, because he speaks pictures. He's so fluent that you can see what he's been doing for the last three weeks without him saying a word.

And yet I seem to be crapping on and on.


LottieP said...

I see Singapore.

LottieP (on internet odyssey, and via Passive Aggressive Notes)

shellity said...

Mmmmm. Artsy AND fartsy.

srmsoft said...

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