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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Always Something There To Rewind Me

With the Global Financial Crisis limiting the amount of money we can spend on home entertainment, I’ve found that you can actually double the value of movie rental by watching films a second time, backwards. It makes eating scenes more than a little disgusting, but otherwise, it can really turn a storyline on its head:

– Tony Montana sucks up bullets, leaks cocaine, and says goodbye to his little friend.

The Wizard of Oz
– Dorothy kills a scarecrow, brings a witch back to life, and tidies up a farm.

Pretty Woman – Julia Roberts and Richard Gere break up, she gives back his jewellery and turns to prostitution.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button – hot dude gets older.

Mad Max – scruffy bloke goes around the outback fixing cars.

– a young dancer finally achieves her dream of being a welder.

The Exorcist – After turning her head anti-clockwise, Linda Blair calms the fuck down.

You’re welcome.


Dani said...

You forgot Twilight. Stupid moronic Mary Sue type girl falls out of love with a sparkly twat of a "vampire" and leaves town for good. Fangirls all over the world disapear, and the myth of Vampires is left unbastardised!

A Grey Area said...

Momento - actually, it doesn't matter.

nat said...

Girls Gone Wild - College girls finally learn their lesson and become good girls by putting their clothes on.

Anonymous said...

or you can watch the deleted scenes instead of the movie by accident like I did in the Notebook and wonder who was the totally crap editor....

Maria said...

Alien - Alien comes onto a shuttle with Ripley, she flies back and reattaches itself to a mothership which somehow fixes itself, the Alien and Ripley go through the ship and bring each crew member alive and the Alien then crawls back into Kane's stomach.


When Harry Met Sally

Harry and Sally break up, decide to be friends, and then go and wonder if they can even be friends, and grow further apart as they revolt each other with their personal habits.

laughykate said...

Truly, Madly, Deeply. Dead guy decides heaven is a drag full of killjoys, gets sick of being invisible hanging around being cold on earth..decides to undie, but never quite makes it back before the end of the film.