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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bum Shot #9: The Blokes Of Australian Idol

L-R: Teale Jakubenko, Luke Dickens, Irrepressible Fame-Whore, Wes Carr, Mark Spano.

So, it's Battle Of The Testicles in the lead-up to Australian Idol 2008, and the four remaining finalists have fulfilled one of their semi-professional obligations: lining their buttocks up next to mine and saying 'cheese'.
I'm so sorry to make you think about buttocks and cheese at the same time. Just pretend you're at the doctor.

And yes, that's a fascinator made out of coloured paper from the office stationery cupboard. Thank you for asking.


kiki said...

what does idol have against female contestants??

Anonymous said...

Thinking about buttocks and cheese is nicer than thinking about buttocks and chocolate icecream

Anonymous said...

stupid teale and stupid spano need to go...