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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shaking Up Thoughts In A Bag.

· Hot damn, I love this ad. Sure, there's some hoo-hah about the implication of the word 'beaver', but the word isn't actually mentioned, and it's a much better euphemism than an eye-dropper full of blue ink. They could've used a cat. Or a vagina.

· I spoke to my sister on the day preceding what was destined to be a big night out last week, and I was letting her know it was going to be a bit… well, pissy. She said "Oh! That reminds me – I must marinate the chicken".

· My one-and-a-half year old nephew has started to spell. He's a freakin' genius. Next: air-guitar lessons.

· A mate this week asked: "When you rest on your laurels, are they in your feet, or your arse?"

· For the last two weeks, I've found the word "penis" inexplicably hilarious. I don't want to even start thinking about what that might mean.


shellity said...


Adrik said...

shake your thoughts in a bag more often please!

redcap said...

Sure it's cute, but I don't think the ad really applies to Australian audiences. Do you really know anyone who refers to it as a beaver? Hmm?

Indeed, your nephew is a genius. Mine is so thick he couldn't do alaphabet until he was about six. I think we should just have turned him off and got another one, frankly.

Your mate? Hilaroius yet valid question. After all, who stands on his or her head?

Oh and penis? It sounds a bit like my "bum" problem. When the other half is bored, he'll sidle up to me and whisper "bum!" in my ear. I nearly hyperventilated during a Ross Nobel stand-up gig last year and during an episode of The Sideshow when they trotted out an animation about The Bum Merchant of Venice. Sigh.