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Friday, October 12, 2007

Made-Up Word of the Week

seafood pants

misheard underwear made of fish, seaweed, crustaceans, etc.

Origins: Whilst at the pub on Saturday, the ever-shy-and-polite Steve mentioned to Kylie (who was wearing a shortish skirt) that her undies were visible in her current seated position. She immediately rectified the situation, commenting that she should be more careful, as she was wearing "see-through pants". Steve and I both misheard her, thinking she said "seafood pants". As is so often the case, the misheard phrase was far preferable to the actual one, causing a good ten minutes' worth of mirth and insinuations of venereal disease.

"Did you hear? Apparently Miriam has crabs"
"Serves her right. That's what you get for wearing seafood pants".


shellity said...

I like this story a lot.
But then, I always did like crustaceans.

Big Fan said...

baaa haaa.

please re-ignite this category of your blog.