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Monday, June 25, 2007

Lithp Poem

Oh, I like to thing thongth about thongth.
Not the undieth (worn under tharongth),
But the thooth on my feet,
Worn to walk down the thtreet –
Known ath flip-flopth by thome (which ith wrong).

But there aren't many thongth about thongth.
They all focuth on love that'th gone wrong.
Thingularly obthethed
With jutht kithing, or theckth,
It theemth thongth about thongth don't belong.

Yeth, there thould be more thongth about thongth,
To help muthical'th thtorieth along.
They would be jutht terrific
In Greathe, Thouth Pathific,
Thweeney Todd, Godthpell or Mith Thaigon.


PetStarr said...

Some hot group blogging action you say? Hell yes! Tell me more petstarr AT

TimT said...

A thong thong, not a thong about thongth?

Your thpethificatiion needth exthplication!

nick cetacean said...

Alas not mine (from McSweeney's). Rejected titles for the thong song:

Panty Chantey
Camisole Barcarole
Halter Psalter
Lingerie Roundelay
Chemise Berceuse
Lederhosen Lieder
Teddy Threnody
Corset Minuet
Brief Leitmotif
Pantaloon Tune

And yes! Petstarr is in the house! All we need now are walls and a roof. Plus a little tasteful IKEA furniture...

Another Lithper said...

Maybe it ith time for your thwan thong?

Altho, thereth no thuth thing ath tathteful IKEA furniture. Thorry.

Jo said...

"Thong thong" implieth the thingular, whereath "a thong about thongth" thecureth the notion of the plural.

Tho there.