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Friday, April 20, 2007

Same Planet, Different Worlds

"Pass the salt, please" uttered she,
And cleared her throat and smiled;
(And if you have time in your schedule at all,
Do you think you could father my child?)
"There you are", he answered back,
And passed her the shaker and sighed;
(There's far too much mustard on top of my steak,
And I asked for it just on the side).
"Weather's nice", she said, and then
"It's not too hot, but sunny";
(I want to kiss your dewy skin
And smear your back with honey).
"You're right, it's pleasant", he replied,
"It's perfect now for swimming";
(My nostril hairs are getting long.
I think they need some trimming).


redcap said...

Banjo Blogs does it again ;)

TimT said...

Love it. LOVE. IT.

shellity said...

"Brilliant work!" quoth Shelley J,
The poet's younger sibling.
(You clever cow, I'm jealous to
the point where I am dribbling).