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Friday, November 10, 2006

White With Two Acting Lessons, Thanks

I've often been accused of making a big song and dance about nothing. Let's add this to the pile.

Actors on television can do a lot of things – they can cry on cue, throw themselves out of trucks, hold you in their thrall with an emotive soliloquy, make beach scenes look convincing in goosebump climates, feign mental disease and ride horses.
Why, then, is there not one of them that can convince me that the Styrofoam cup they're holding contains any liquid whatsoever? Actors can't do coffee. None of 'em. Put a takeaway cup o' Joe in their hand and watch them wave that thing around like a glowstick at a bad teenage rave. If that cup was full, all the extras would have stained clothes and third-degree burns.

Seriously, have a look. Tell me I'm wrong.

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shellity said...

Ironically, the same actors are drinking real tea every time they pretend to be drinking scotch. While we're on the subject, why can't actors take a swig of "scotch" on-screen without acting like they've never tasted alcohol before?