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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Every Day For A Year #18

(Dammit. I can never remember if you're more of a "what's the background story here" person or a "zombie garden gnome" person. If you're the former, check here. If you're the latter, check here. Frankly, I'm both. Then again, I'm awesome).

I'm particularly excited about this batch of photos from camera chameleon Frosty. You might think that's because there's a photo in there of our mutual mate Threadrock singing up his reproductive organs.
That is exciting, but no.
Then you might think (and you're really doing an unnecessary amount of thinking about this, by the way) that I'm excited because of that shot where you go "oh, look, it's a flame OH MY GOD THERE'S A FACE BEHIND IT AND IT CAN SEE DIRECTLY INTO MY SOUL".
Wrong again.
You might think I'm excited because I have an unnatural and very private shoelace fixation.

I'm excited because one of these photographs is totally of my handbag.*

Enjoy. And yes, you can borrow it.

*No, silly. Frosty isn't my handbag. He's more my bitch.

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