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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Voice Is My Passport

I'm thinking of setting up my house as an independent country.

· Being queen
· Not having to vote in Australian Federal Elections
· Calling my house "Joburg"
· Getting to design a coat of arms incorporating pool cues, soft cheese and beer
· Commissioning a national anthem composed by Tex Perkins, Peter Fenton and Sister Janet Mead
· Easy census day
· Designing a national costume consisting of an unnecessarily tight t-shirt and a pair of polka-dot knickers
· Holding welcome ceremonies when friends drop 'round
· Having Seventh Day Adventists arrested on federal charges for just knocking on the door
· Inviting tidy blokes to check out my seat of government
· Being a different nationality to Bindi Irwin

· Paperwork
· Customs
· International calls
· Having to get a visa just to go to the shops
· Having to hold the APEC conference on the patio
· Extradition requests by the Australian Government for any criminals I may be harbouring
· Getting a pizza delivered and causing an international incident
· Not being able to audition for Australia's Got Talent


alexis said...

If the pope could do it right in the middle of Rome, then you can too. Micronations for all, not just the rich!

Felix for Zosia said...

You could set up a national religion, with strictly enforced rules like "No work on Mondays". If your boss has a problem with it, well that would be seen as cultural insensitivity.

davey said...

This is brilliant Jo. Viva la Joburg!

Course with a nation as small as yours, you're in a prime position to be exploited as a repository for asylum seekers.

What a relief that Australia is more moral than that hey!

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