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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Romper Room Story

For those of you who don't know, Romper Room was a TV show for pre-school children which ran for years in a number of countries, presided over various sweet-natured, unmarried women, and featuring a different group of lucky, lucky children, chosen from the public, in each episode. These children played games, did whatever Simon Said, presented toys and stories for Show And Tell, and drank milk.

My twin sister and I were on Romper Room.

A certain part of our appearance did not make it to air.

It was the part in which I said, for all to hear, "Sometimes it stings when Mummy washes my front bottom".


redcap said...

Bloody censors. Some things just have to be said. Presumably, your mother was in the audience at the time, for maximum parental humiliation?

missy vas said...

It will always be one of my favourite stories... Havent heard it for a while tho...

Jo said...

Red, I think my mother pretended she didn't know me.

Vita - you should never go too long without a Burny Fanny.

redcap said...

Don't worry, my mother still does that.