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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Emails I May Never Send #8

Dear television producers,

I, and most of the people I share the planet with, do not give a rat's arse about ice skating. Unless you can promise me that Karl Stefanovic cracks his skull on the rink, I'm not watching.
Just put the Goodies back on and be done with it.

Yours almost indifferently,


Lynn-Holly Johnson said...

Not true! Personally, I can't wait until they show "Ice Castles" as the sunday matinee movie again - hope it's soon!!

sketchmonkey said...

what about that one with moria whatever her name is and dylan such and such? another ice skating movie that he was the ice hockey player and got a blind sight and her mum never got the gold medal so her dad pushed her into ice skating at olympic level and then she leaves, and he cries, then she comes back on the last day that they're meant to skate in the final of the olympics, and she does it just for him cos she loves him? what was it called?
oh yeah.
the cutting edge.
moira kelly as kate moseley & d.b sweeney as doug dorsey.

god i loved that film.